Thursday, November 18, 2010

HELP! I really need your feedback! Please Respond!

This is a REALLY important piece of research for me. I don't usually get into asking for your assistance, because I know everyone is so busy, but I really need your feedback. I also encourage you to forward this note to anyone you know personally who might take the time to respond to me.

Some of you may know that I am working on a book with a literary agent. Each of the following three (3) options has a different target audience and approach. My question is, which of the following options do you think would sell and why?  First, I'll list the audience that I would be targeting and the context of the book, with the pros and concerns of each. Be honest.  Also, please state if you are a parent and how old your kids are. I will be forwarding your feedback to the Agent.

1) The target audience is young people ages 12 to 18 -  A book that gives an overview of Justin's story, but that talks to teenagers about making the right choices; avoiding the "Domino Effect of Poor Choices"; to include statistics, etc. The scenario is that parents would buy the book for their teenagers and the school districts would buy them for the schools. I would have them for sale on campus at each speaking event.  Educators please respond!
  • Pros: No nonsense book reminding kids that they don't always get a "do over," if they make the wrong choice.
  • Concerns: Will parents buy this book for their kids? Will their kids read this book? Will the kids that need it it? Given budget cuts in all school districts nationwide, will the Districts purchase this book for students? 
2)  The target audience is parents - A book about the experiences in my life, and how from my own challenges and the choices I've made; I’ve become a stronger and more confident person; which translates to being a better parent.   
  • Pros:  A book to let parents know that they aren't alone in their struggles in life and with kids, and through their experiences they can encourage confident choices in their own kids.
  • Concerns: Could be perceived as my trying to tell parents how to be parents. 

3)  The target audience will be those looking for hope and inspiration as they face life’s toughest challenges - This book will be more of a Memoir and will chronicle my long term struggle with addiction, and how (and why) I got clean and sober.  Sadly though, only a few short years after conquering my addictive demons, my faith and sobriety are put to the ultimate test when I receive the most devastating call imaginable; my son Justin was killed. Following his death, the readers will find out what kept me from falling back into a world of self-destruction; how I found the courage to take on the State Attorney’s Office, and step into the Legislative arena, like a pro; and how the choices I made to make the difference in the lives of others, enabled me to become whole again.  

  • Pros:  Raw, honest, tragic and inspirational. A book to touch many lives. You don’t have to be rich and famous to write a book that will touch people. 
  • Concerns:  Will anyone really read a book like this if it isn’t written by someone rich and famous?  
Thanks everyone, your help with my research mean a great deal! Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. My life, is an open book…lol!